with Jess Nadine
with Jess Nadine
You are about to learn how you can make PROGRESS without restrictions, diets, or a deadline!
 WARNING: You are about to learn how you can make PROGRESS without restrictions, diets, or a deadline!
Your transformation doesn't have to be complicated, boring or painful. Let me show you how you can have fun creating a lifestyle you love while ditching your body fat and self-sabotaging ways!
Hey babe! I get it, committing to a coaching program is like a modern day relationship. We are going to be spending some quality time together so I want you to make sure you like my vibes before we take it to the next level.
That's why I offer a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL.
Hey babe! I get it, committing to a coaching program is like a modern day relationship. 

We are going to be spending some quality time together so I want you to make sure you like my vibes before we take it to the next level.

That's why I offer a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL.
Surely You're Utterly Sick And Tired Of Trying Every Quick Fix And Trend Out There? Imagine Never Having To "Start Over"...
Ever Again
Making a transformation doesn't have to be complicated or painful. Honestly, all your transformation needs to be is... FUN! When we have fun we want to keep going because we are actually enjoying the process. Crazy, right?
Here's how we have fun inside the Progress Project:
Quick & Fun Circuits
Workouts That Work
No Dieting
Enjoy Food Again
Learn Real Self-Love
Master Your Mind
Support Systems

We also ditched the deadline that is associated with most transformation programs. Instead of focusing on achieving the most results in the shortest time frame we will get results by changing your LIFESTYLE for good.
And yes, you can start right NOW...for FREE!
I want to give you 7 days for free so that I can show you how EASY and FUN this lifestyle change can be. 

Do you feel as if everyone else can get results but YOU?
I want to introduce you to some badass babes who felt exactly how you are RIGHT NOW.

Here's how it works...
You will get access into a private membership site where you unlock your monthly workouts, mindset modules, recipes and more AT YOUR OWN PACE.
You will also get access to a private Facebook community where I hang out with you, support you, and give you the additional TLC (plus a kick in the ass) that you need to change your lifestyle!
These are real women, just like you, who ditched their diets, self-sabotage, and learnt how to create a LIFESTYLE they LOVE living!
My fav part of the Progress Project is not just the difference in my body but the difference in my mindset. Jess teaches about how to love the person you are and to be ..and I quote "so dang badass".
Christina D.
Well after 9 weeks of hard work (mental work is legit hard work) I can proudly say I’ve never felt more alive than I do now. I love myself, more and more each day.
I’m making progress and continuing to show up for myself.
Emma M.
I can’t express how great it feels to love my own body again. I’m smiling more everyday and being a part of this tribe is beyond amazing. Jess and her Progress Project was my blessing and my prayer was answered.
Linda L.
I’m happier overall because I am getting those endorphins consistently, I’m throwing weight around and challenging myself with hard workouts! But most importantly, this Project has allowed me to really take a hard look at myself and the habits that were dragging me down.
Lyndee R.
I am proud of no longer needing to track every bite that enters my mouth, no longer feeling guilty for indulging in special moments, no longer looking in the mirror and seeing those extra lbs or allowing the scale to ruin my day.
I finally realized that I can eat the foods I love. If I want a cookie, I eat one, and I don't let guilt creep in. I also found BALANCE, I no longer need to spend hours in the gym 6days/week. I spend less time working out and I'm eating the foods I love.
Rachel P.
The favourite change so far is my mental change. I feel empowered and strong. I feel I am capable and hopeful. I know I can do anything I put my mind to. Jess is truly a miracle worker. She believed in me when I didn’t.
I didn’t know what “having a tribe” meant. Having this group of women express the same struggles and wins as me was so liberating and comforting. I wasn’t alone in my journey anymore. I can honestly say that I saw more progress in the last 8 weeks than I have in a long time, physically , mentally, and spiritually. 
Macaulley W.
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  •  NEW monthly workouts that are quick, challenging and FUN. You get BOTH home and gym workouts. 
  •   Monthly mindset modules to help you reframe your thoughts and behaviours. We will work on ditching the self-sabotage and replace it with self-acceptance and love.
  •  Daily support and accountability through the private Facebook community
  •  Monthly recipe books and LIVE cooking tutorials with Jess Nadine
  •  Weekly group check-ins for accountability. We celebrate our successes every single week.
  •  Weekly Q & A sessions with Jess Nadine. Chat LIVE and ask any and all questions.
  •  Monthly ZOOM calls where we chat face-to-face as a group.
  •  Bonus monthly challenges, book clubs, and more!
Hot Diggity Dang!
You'd be crazy not to join us!
But Wait...How Much Is This Going To Cost After the FREE week?
Less than $1/day! Yep, that's right! You get all of this value every month for less than your morning cup of caffeine!
All You Pay Is $29.99 Monthly!
That's It! No Commitment! No Sign Up Fees!
Just $29.99
Are you jumping up and down right now because you are so dang excited to change your life?


So, what happens after I join?
When you register you will get your own personalized log-in to our members site. You will unlock all of your material on a month-to-month basis. You can literally start on reframing your mindset and getting a booty pump today!
Is there a guarantee?
Your results will be a direct reflection of how much effort you put towards your transformation. There have been hundreds of women who have gone through this program and transformed their life...but they put in the work!

You are not locked into a contract, if you aren't satisfied you can leave at any point in time! But, I'm pretty sure you'll want to hang out with us for life!
Can anyone join?

 We've got women in their early twenties to sixties rocking this program.
We've got beginners to advanced fit nuts.

Our Facebook community is only open to women at this time (we get real intimate so we've got a "no boys allowed" policy). But y
Stop thinking YOU can't do this. I can hear you doubting yourself. Stop that sh*t!
I no longer make excuses, I feel like I can take on the world and I have the confidence to do it. But, I continue to implement the tools Jess gives us - and I show up every day to work on my mindset and I keep putting in the work at the gym. I want every woman to feel as healthy, confident, and fit as I do.
Carly W.
Today, I sit here, half the size I was, with triple the mindset. I am able to run around with my kids, sprint the stairs without getting winded to grab that always forgotten lovey, and look proudly in the mirror at this amazing body that has transformed and helped me accomplish SO MUCH.
Leanne R.
I’ve learned to eat intuitively, I can eat and not track and be OK with it and that’s a huge win for me!  The support in the FB group is beyond amazing!
Jamie R.
I feel empowered to listen to my body, do what I can, and when I do workout I show up 100% and feel so much better for it!
Chantal K.
Not only did I have some physical changes but I now have so much freedom! I am learning to love myself! There are no crazy restrictions on what I HAVE to do. 
I’ve learned to love myself and my body. I feel so much stronger now, both mentally and physically, and I have more confidence in myself. 
Kristi M.
No Sign Up Fees
No Cancellation Fees
No Lock In Period
No Crazy Terms & Conditions
Here's What These Babes Are Saying About the Progress Project
"This is not like any other online program out there! Yea you get the workouts, guides on nutrition BUT! You also get the tools to learn on how to work on your mindset, to figure out and get to the bottom of what your goals truly are! You don’t just get a fancy PDF guide for this, you get JESS!"
Lara Zukowsky
"So far I think it's honestly the best program I've ever encountered. I have a path, I know where I'm going and I know there is no "end date" so it doesn't feel like I need to rush for a result that will eventually fade. The absolute best part of the Progress Project is the amazing tribe of women that support each other."
Desiree Hamilton
"I love how I have gotten much more accountable being apart of this group! There is so much genuine support and encouragement in this group it's hard not to be inspired and motivated af!"
Gabrielle Kalinich
"Every woman needs to experience the beauty of The Progress Project. This is life changing progress. Jess has covered everything you need to create your own transformation. 
The Progress Project blows every one of my coaching experiences out of the water, for a fraction of the price! The support and accountability from the group is unlike anything you’ve experienced before." 
Jennelle Periard
"Jess's program has seriously been the best thing I have ever done for myself. Not only are the workouts fun but they are also fairly quick to fit into busy schedules. The biggest success of her program is the mindset work. She makes you get incredibly real with yourself and really drills into your WHY's and HOW's. She teaches you how to love yourself and the body you have and workout for fun."
Jessica Kappel
"This course literally transformed my life! I was in such a bad place before I started this course, I am getting stronger and stronger thanks to Jess Nadine's coaching and her progress project. Her workouts are short and fun but super efficient! The mental challenges are just absolutely AMAZING!!!"
Catherine De Coninck
"I don't know where to begin. This isn't just a workout group. Let me tell you that Jess changes lives. When I first started with Jess I was a person who thought very little of myself. She teaches you how to love yourself and how to look like a smoke show while doing so. Her workouts are not just workouts, they are actually fun. I give her 1736 stars out of 5."
Christina Sands
I have been with Jess for almost a year now. I have to say, this platform is by far my favourite that she has used to spread her message, teach, and provide value. It’s really cool that we then have a private fb group to enhance our sense of community and provide support for one another :) 
Paige Galpin
Ready To Join These Babes?
You Have NOTHING To Lose!
  • No Sign Up Fees - You pay zero dollars to get started today
  • No Lock In Period - You decide how long you stay with us
  • No Cancellation Fees - You will never pay a fee to exit the program
  • No Risk - You can join today and try out the site for 7 days for FREE
What Makes The Progress Project Different?
This is NOT an automated, cookie cutter program where the coach is non existent.
Every single workout comes with a video tutorial taught by Jess showing you exactly how to do the exercises with modifications
You get access to both home and gym workout programs
Every mindset module is created and taught by Jess
Every week Jess goes LIVE to answer any and all questions that members have
Weekly group check-ins for accountability
No timeline or deadline - you decide when you've created a lifestyle and are ready to leave the program
There is no experience necessary - beginner modifications available
There Will Never Be The PERFECT Time To Change Your Lifestyle

Sandra Has Lost Over 43 Inches

We set a goal to lose 50 inches by the end of 2018 and we are on track to do so. This mama of 3 has created these results all from the comfort of her living room. She used to laugh at the thought of jumping around and doing burpees, now she's strapping on resistance bands while she cleans. She's created a lifestyle she loves.

This Babe Found Her Self-Love

Between completing her masters degree, working full time and navigating some emotional life circumstances this babe proved that when you are committed to changing your life - you can. She attributes her results to finally realizing how important self-care, self-love and accountability to herself really is.

Jaylynn Discovered Her Love For Fitness Again

After having kids Jaylynn lost her drive, her inspiration to workout and live a healthy lifestyle. She found herself making excuse after excuse as to why she couldn't get back to her former self (before kids). One of those "I need to make a change" moments happened, she rocked her program from her living room floor and is now smiling ear to ear as she continues to make progress.

Jamie Lost Inches and Is Setting An Example

As a single working mama Jamie struggled to find "balance". She had gotten into a rut and put herself to the back burner. She felt lost and wanted to regain control. Jamie's biggest transformation was realizing that she doesn't need to be "perfect" to create results, she just needed to be consistent and show up.
Ready To See What All The Hype Is About?
Lara Get's Real & Vulnerable to Share Her Story
Kristi Found Her Light Again And Now Feels Aligned With Her Progress
Rachel Learnt Balance And Finally Started Seeing Results
Audrey Ditched Her Guilt Associated With Food 
Leanne Changed Her Mindset and Lost 6 Sizes
Macaulley Found a Tribe of Supportive Women
Paige is Now Smiling and Glowing
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